Amsterdam Houseboats direct booking



Distances are small.
You can go almost anywhere within 10-20 minutes.
There are no hills. Bike lanes are available where needed motorised traffic is accustomed to watch out for cyclists

Good to know
dutch bikes don't all have handbrakes and gears (some have peddle breaks, which can be confusing if not used to) If this is important for you, check before you rent. Always check if parking restrictions apply, otherwise your bike may be removed. traffic is not dangerous but can be experienced as hectic. take your time, keep right, stop when needed but avoid stopping very unexpectedly
bikes delivered at the boat

Rental bikes can be delivered at the boat through Bikes4Rental
Preferably reserve in advance

Bikes are standard city bikes with handbrakes and 3 gears. They are fully insured and will be delivered at the boat.

Costs for bike rental are:
1 day 15,00 euro
2 days 27,50 euro (13.75/day)
3 days 37,50 euro (12.50/day)
extra days + 9,00 euro p/day

Child seats (Age: 1-3 years: front, 4-6: back ): 2,50 p/day
Local Bike has two bike types for children available. Age: 4/6 and Age: 6/10
Helmets: 2:50 for entire rental period
You can reserve the bikes with your boat-rental or directly at Bikes4Rental

Bike rental

Renting a bike at a shop nearby may be more economic (and a little more hassle / deposit needed)
Verify prices/bike types. hand- brakes etc. yourself, before you finalyse your plan, as prices may change.

GP Amstel River area

Witter Tweewielers

address: van Woustraat 234 (5 minutes walking)Just a few hours: 10:00  tot 17:30  = €7,50
24 hours  = € 12,00                                                        
2 days   = € 24,00
3 or more days  = € 10,00 / day

wheelhouse area


right around the corner (200m):
address: C. van Eesterenlaan, 31
hours: 8AM - 7:30 PM
flat rate: 12:50 / day

Black Bikes

Address: Czaar Peterstraat 14, 15 minutes walking, 2 minutes with tram 10

hand brake / no gears:
3 hours € 9,00
24 hours € 13,00
2-4th day € 9,50
also electric bikes and more 

tips for nice routes will be added soon